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We help organizations focus on their business goals in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape and economic environment. We accompany our clients in adapting their strategy and organization to create value from regulatory and risk evolution. We anticipate on tomorrow’s challenges to offer our clients the best position in a competitive environment.


Our consultants are a team of skilled professionals, with a deep sector knowledge and a strong track record of successful missions. Their expertise covers four closely linked domains: risk, regulations, compliance and finance. We operate at strategy, implementation and operation levels.


A strong risk framework that supports strategic and operational decision is key success factor for today’s business. This framework should consider all financial and non-financial risks, and be supported by a risk culture shared by everyone in the organization.

We offer expertise in market, credit, liquidity and balance sheet risks, as well as operational risks. Our consultants will help you define your risk strategy and implement the processes and tool it requires. They will also spread the awareness of risk into your organization.


 The constantly-evolving regulatory environment is a recurring challenge for organizations. Our regulatory watch group enables our team to anticipate and be prepared for the next regulatory challenge.

We provide insight and impact analysis, and cover end-to-end implementation projects.



In a competitive environment, it is paramount to establish solid compliance programs to achieve the adequate balance between governance and performance. Our team of consultants focuses on the empowerment and the efficiency of the compliance function. We perform assessment of compliance programs


Accounting and financial reporting has become increasingly challenging with the evolution of the standards, and the complexity of transactions and businesses. Swift accounting and reporting processes enables timely decisions, which is key in steering organizations.

We provide support and insights on accounting standards and help our clients optimize their finance processes and implement reporting and control solutions.

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