Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?


What is intelligence?

Intelligence is a word everybody knows but the notion is difficult to explain and complex.

Today, despite many studies and hypotheses, we are still arguing about animals (or insects) and their intelligence.

Could we consider that a spider has a form of intelligence?

After all, it can build a web corresponding to an algorithm and different sequences. Does that characterise a form of intelligence?

Are ants socially intelligent?

“An individual ant is not very bright, but ants in a colony, operating as a collective, do remarkable things.”

For instance, an ant may have several job descriptions. When the colony discovers a new source of food, an ant doing housekeeping duty may suddenly become a forager. Or if the colony's territory size expands or contracts, patroller ants change the shape of their reconnaissance pattern to conform to the new realities. Since no one is in charge of an ant colony - including the misnamed "queen," which is simply a breeder - how does each ant decide what to do?

Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?

This article we will not have given you answers to the question of artificial intelligence, such as “yes it is” or “no it is not”, but mainly ideas about possible answers.

We will see some examples of Artificial Intelligence innovations that may support the view that Artificial intelligence is really a form of intelligence, and reflect on the outcome of such applications for us?

Should we expect a future where artificial intelligence plays the role of Karl in 2001 Space Odyssey which has a conscience and the instinct to survive. This is often the case in science fiction movies, machines that think with the notion of “I” and that have a strong instinct to survive (Ex Machina).

What about a control of the machine over human beings?  There too, science fiction has numerous examples of future possibilities. Rise of the machines, virtual world, Artificial intelligence in harmony with Mankind.


  • What is intelligence?
    • Could we consider that a spider has a form of intelligence?
    • Are ants socially intelligent?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?
    • What do we mean by intelligence?
    • A rational approach
    • What about emotions?
    • Multiple intelligences
  • Is artificial intelligence intelligent? Where are we?
    • The Turing test.
    • Examples in different fields of activity
    • A partial intelligence?
    • Threat or Opportunity?
    • Homo Deus?

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