Initio goes to World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit in Moscow !

Initio is invited to participate as speaker to World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit to be held in Moscow next 19 and 20 May 0218.

The subject addressed by Brice Boland and Sami El Bouamri will be ‘When Blockchain meets Compliance’ (technology versus Law). 


Blockchain and the European Data Protection Regulation is coming into force this month. They are currently two of the new key topics that are always generating the same question about the regulation’s application to the technology. More precisely, GDPR and blockchain are often mentioned with a potential clash between distributed ledgers and some principles or rights conferred by the regulation. The most popular and debated of them, presented as the biggest challenge for blockchain’s implementations in the regulation scope, might be the right to be forgotten.


Program (May 19th 2018)