Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

This Wednesday, February 7th, Initio organized its second workshop dedicated to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. 

After a first session centered on blockchains implication for the financial industry, this new knowledge sharing session was more focused on cryptocurrencies and to trading.

Summary and objectives of the evening

  • Blockchain technology offers a range of opportunities
  • Benchmark analysis of transaction speed and fees
    • Bitcoin in brief, a key figure summary description
    • Gainers and Loosers: average Transaction Fees
    • Gainers and Loosers: TPS
  • Strategic analysis of Bitcoin
    • A Bitcoin/Blockchain SWOT analysis
    • Bitcoin has been a game changer. What about the rest?
  • Portfolio management opportunities

About Authors


Sami El Bouamri work  with  a  large  portfolio  of  clients  from various  industries  such  as  Banks  and  Insurance companies and Investment funds (Hedge funds, PE/RE funds).
He  supported  his  clients  on  different  aspect  of  regulations  such as  Solvency  II,  PRIIPS,  IFRS  9, UCITS  V  and on  other  Risk Transparency reportings.  He  also  has  been  involved  on  project related  to Business  Process  Automation,  Blockchain,  Crypto-currencies  and  Data  science.  Sami  joined  Initio  in 2017.


Yvan Roncevic studied  at  UCLouvain  and  KULeuven  and  obtained a masters  in  management  with  a  major  in financial  analysis.  After  two  internships,  of  which  one  within  the  FinTech  sector,  and  a  first experience as an external auditor, Yvan joined Initio in 2017.