Embracing Scaled Agile Framework in banking & investment industry

Major European banks and providers of investment management software solutions for the world's leading financial organizations strongly believe in the added value of Scaled Agile Framework through its cross-fertilisation from autonomous teams, bringing these teams closer to the customer and enhancing transparency in vendor relations.

In the course of the article the main features of SAFe will be depicted, as well as the lessons learnt and the measuring of before and after implementation of Scaled Agile Framework. Are things really better after the roll out.


  • Embracing Scaled Agile Framework in banking & investment industry

    • Most important findings on SAFe implementation in major European banks

    • ING Benelux and BNP Paribas Fortis

      • Getting closer to the customer

      • Agile measurement and software measurement

      • Transparency in vendor relations

    • Deutsche Bank

      • HOW?

      • WHY?


      • Establish Clear Roles and Responsibilities

    • How did SIMCORP, a major provider of financial software for investment and asset management experience the SAFe implementation?

    • How did SimCorp get started with Agile and SAFe?

  • Lessons Learnt

About the Author


Sandy Everaerts,  has 20 years of experience, and worked for leading companies in the Banking & Insurance sector. She has a background in both Business and IT as PMO, project manager & SCRUM Master.4-lingual NL/ENG/FR/GER with a Master’s degree, relevant project management certifications. Sandy joined Initio in 2017 as Senior Manager in charge of the Business Line Governance & Projects.