REGTECHS - The Regulatory Toolkit

Since the 2008 financial crisis, regulators around the world have been reshaping the financial environment. Each year, compliance to the new set of rules leads to rising costs, and can be a burden to small and big players. RegTechs offer fully developed solutions to handle the requirements and help transform the regulations into opportunities.

The current regulatory environment is propitious for Regtech development, with more and more institutions facing tougher requirements each year on KYC, AML, reporting… The list is getting long and the budgetary impacts significant.  In these tough times and with the support of regulators, Regtechs try to bring some fresh air thanks to their innovative solutions. Yet, changing things doesn't come without its challenges, developing an innovative solution isn't a walk in the park and implementing one may be a source of trouble too.

Read the complete white paper "REGTECHS - The Regulatory Toolkit" by Jerome Erovic, consultant at Initio Luxemburg.


  • Introduction
  • Compliance costs over the years
  • RegTechs in a nutshell
    • Regtechs, not Fintechs
    • Sponsored by authorities
    • Tremendous challenges to overcome
    • A world of solutions
      • Handling big data, and even more
        • The end of reactive compliance
        • A lifebelt for small organizations
        • …And a first step into Blockchain
    • Implementing a Regtech solution
      • The first steps, picking your Regtech
        • Building the business case
          • Acknowledging specific risks
          • Don't build the legacy system of tomorrow
  • How can Initio help you manage the transition

Jerome Erovic is consultant @ Initio Luxembourg for the business line Fund & Securities Services since 2016.

He has worked as a back/middle officer for an insurance company before doing an apprenticeship in project management for an investment bank. After that, Jerome worked one year in a private bank in the organization department, before joining Initio.