Open-Bank Standards, an insight on the future of PSD2?

The revised European directives PSD2 are causing major progress in the implementation of a Single Europe Payment Area (SEPA). It enhances the legal framework and facilitates competition and innovation on payment services market. The European Commission highlights that PSD2 brings security, safety and enables the possibility for new players to enter the market of new payment services.

Besides the action plan of European Commission, much more ambitious Standards are in construction in UK since the beginning of 90’ : The Open-bank Standards – an open-source API for bank that could definitely revolutionize the customer journey in retail banking. Is the Open-Bank Standards the destination of European payment services ?

Read the full white paper (pdf) "Open-Bank Standards, an insight on the future of PSD2?" by our consultant Mathieu Doyen.

Source: Open Bank Project Website


  1. Introduction.
  2. Payment services structure – PSD2 framework.
  3. Open Bank Standards – A UK Initiative.
  4. Open Banking Standards – A win-win situation of industry & consumers.
  5. Beyond PSD2 and the UK: Open Bank Project.
    1. Enabling third party to build services & application.
    2. Give Transparently options.
  6. Conclusions.


Mathieu Doyen, Consultant "Digital" @ Initio Brussels.

As consultant for Initio Mathieu work on digital banking projects like new public Website revamp or the elaboration of transactional user interfaces for customers. For a few months now, Mathieu has also specialized in the challenges of Big Data and predictive marketing.