Strategy of regulation or regulatory strategy (full White Paper)

For many years now, new regulation comes out as a top concern in financial industry surveys. Implementing the vast amount of new regulation proves to be very challenging for all stakeholders, even regulators themselves, in terms of scoping, budgeting and timing.

Moreover, the new regulation is truly transforming the context to do business in at various levels and should be top of mind in strategic thinking, business model design, management and day-to-day client servicing and processing.  Implementing new regulation is not just about becoming compliant anymore, it is all about anticipating and understanding the transformation the regulation is leading to in order to make the change happen in a value adding and winning way. Regulation are setting the rules of the game and how can you be good at playing the game if you do not understand the rules?

Implementing the changes effectively and efficiently will create competitive advantage in the new banking business context. Having the right governance and organization in place to incorporate new regulation will as such become a major competitive advantage in itself.

Read the full white paper (pdf) "Strategy of regulation or regulation strategy" by our Senior Consultant Frank Van Hoornweder.


  • Introduction and context
  • The regulatory process from a policymaker perspective
    • Drivers of regulatory changes
  • Regulatory process
    • Regulation as driver of change
  • The regulatory process from a financial institutions perspective
    • Observations of current state
    • Guidelines and best practices for better organizing regulatory change
  • How can Initio help you manage regulatory change adequately?
  • Annex 1: overview of EU regulation