How blockchain is disrupting the financial sector

Blockchain is one of the hot topics nowadays. Most people heard already about blockchain, yet few people know what really can be expected from it. This technology will have a big impact on the public sector, digital applications, internet of things, etc. Even though the whole blockchain idea is still in uncharted waters, it is clearly disrupting the financial sector.


  • Bitcoin: the tip of the iceberg
  • The bookkeeping principle
  • Cut out the middle man
  • Cyber criminals and current limitations
  • What’s in it for the financial sector?
    • Drop the rating agencies
    • Know your customer
    • Fast payments & instantaneous settlements
    • Smart contracts in insurance
    • Audit & security
    • All that glitters is not gold
    • SWOT Analyses of blockchain in the financial sector

Read the full paper (PDF) "How blockchain is disrupting the financial sector" from our consultant Riemer Vandepitte.