We constantly focus on building knowledge on the main banking topics, from client integration to legal requirements implementation, Digital Transformation and change management. Our consultants can assist you in establishing a current view of your business, synthesize your goals and build a long term view helping you addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


Expertise Matters

Our consultants are professionals with proven track record and offer dedicated support to our clients in their most complex projects. They have extensive knowledge of the industry and gained experience through a wide range of projects concerning products, infrastructures and operational models.

We do not only supply substantial support on your key projects but also do not hesitate to challenge you in achieving the highest industry standards.

Corporate & Investment

  • Trading Room
  • INITIO Investment banking is essentially composed of consultants who come directly from the banking & financial industry, and who have already worked in Market environments.

    They have the experience to perfectly understand the challenges our clients face nowadays and their business stakes, to assist them in every phase of their projects.

  • Product Control
  • On top of that, those Control tasks are sometimes dispatched in Europe between the risk department, others by the Middle-Office or Financial Management. Therefore, projects aiming at improving a value tool accounting for the P&L or revamping the systems and processes within a Product Control team become more numerous.

  • Back & Middle Office
  • Projects in this field includes controlling and monitoring the activity of the Back Office staff on an equity derivatives desk for instance or improving the current processes implemented for capturing Front Office deals by the Middle Office. In the last decade, even more projects flourished as European Investment banks have stressed on Straight Through Processing, that is, automation of trade transmission to the back office.

  • Financial Engineering
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  • Outsourcing
  • Straight Through Processing

Fund & Securities

  • Custody, Clearing & Settlement
  • TARGET 2 (T2S) & CCBM2
  • Outsourced functions
  • Cash & Security Financing Services
  • Micro Finance & Ethics Funds

Private Banking

  • Portfolio Management Systems
  • Initio’s consultants will assist its clients in adapting their portfolio management system to their needs: client integration, development of new functionalities, improvement of existing ones and the implementation of legal requirements (Mifid, UCITS 4).

  • New Business Model Definition
  • Initio’s consultants have assisted in studying and defining these new business models. Our Private Banking consultants will help our clients to establish a current view of your business, synthesise your goals and build a long term view.

  • CRM
  • Operational excellence
  • To improve operational excellence we have to focus on the core of the private banking services. First of all, the sector should propose more transparent and less complex products in order to regain investor confidence. At the same time, client profiles and prospects have changed, as most clients now are entrepreneurs (and no longer well fortuned families). 

  • Advisory versus Non-core activities
  • Digital Transformation

Project & Governance

  • Project governance and control
  • Project and program management
  • Agile/Scrum and traditional methodologies
  • Change management

Retail & Commercial

  • Customer Centricity
  • Multichannel Banking
  • Channels to reach a larger customer base are developing and diversifying. These new possibilities are closely linked to the development of technology. Call centers, the internet, mobile phones, tablets, etc. are a few examples of new channel enablers. It has been proven that financial institutions based on recent technology developments fare better with customers.

  • Sales Process Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Branch Effectiveness
  • New Products & Operating Models
  • Customer journeys, transformation tracks
  • Customer journeys, transformation tracks

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